Transported to the Planet of First-Time Parenting

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By Diana Zeni Being a parent is incredible, but it is also hard work. Prior to my role as a new mother, I was immersed in the rough and...

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Dollars and Sense of Being a Mom, Inc

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Mom juggling baby & work By Kathy Zucker I recently had a couple of conversations with a mom on the playground about her career...

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Raising Urban Multi-Ethnic Children

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Traditional summer kite flying By Kathy Zucker Becoming a parent changes your entire way of life. Any semblance of control over your...

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Kid News Roundup for October 2011

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Too Much Praise is No Good For Toddlers. New York Times, 10/27/11. A Stanford study found that process (ie. good job!) trumped praise...

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How to Get Started in Baby/Child Modeling

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If you have a child ages 0-18 months or 3+ years, keep reading. Those are the ages that get modeling work. The terrible twos set in at 18...

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