Forced Choices: Limit Options for Children

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by Jennifer Cerbasi Every parent, at some time, has been faced with the epic task of moving a seemingly unmovable child. Whether it’s...

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Celebrate Life’s Possibilities this Memorial Day

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By Kathy Zucker Millions of Americans are firing up the grill. The kids are lounging around in their pajamas excitedly anticipating...

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How to Face Your Fear and Move Forward With Life

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By Kathy Zucker I don’t like making tough decisions. I freak out when I face the unknown. And the ultimate unknown life experience?...

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Making Part-Time Work Add Up to More than Full-Time

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By Kathy Zucker I recently read a blog post where the author bemoaned the widely held perception that part-time work is a luxury for the...

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Life & Career Mentoring From Moms Who Have Been There

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The Metro Moms refer to life as B.C. (Before Child) and A.C. (After Child). B.C., we were management consultants, marketing directors,...

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