12 Most: List Articles To Improve Your Biz and Social Life

by Debra Marrs, YourWriteLife.com

As a writing coach, I’m a big fan of list articles. Why? Because they are one of the simpler ways for anyone to get their ideas on the page in an organized fashion. Just start with a topic, and make an expanded list. You’ve successfully jumpstarted an article!

12 Most, a site that publishes lists of 12 12 Most - tagxedo-thumbtips, has harnessed the power of list articles into a brand. Posts are packaged to fit busy schedules and are easy to digest. Read them in depth or skim the 12 points to get the basics.

If you aren’t a follower of their blog, you should be. You’ll find everything from motivational and mindset tips, to childraising and relationship tips, to what it takes to build and sustain a successful career. And beyond… tips that take readers through all stages of life and living.

The style might be tongue-in-cheek, or straight up 1-2-3 do this, don’t do that! Ready, set, go!

Start by strengthening your 12 Most for social media savvy.

12 Most Indispensable Things To Do on Social Media Before Your Job Interview
Who knew? Social media is part of the job search process? Learn how checking social media and profiles will up your chances of a stellar interview here.

12 Most Community Driven Ways to Build a Successful Digital Tribe
Fundamentally, there is really nothing new here — we have always networked and sought to develop trusted reputations — but we could have only dreamed of doing it on this massive, global scale that today’s social networking platforms enable. Learn more.

12 Most offers excellent ideas for building relationships and raising strong, healthy kids, both mentally and physically too.

12 Most Empowering Phrases Your Young Athlete Needs to Hear
Your words can heal and empower. Parents know the influence of positive speech on their kids, and if you are a mom or dad of athletes, your words can also have a powerful effect on your child?s performance and enjoyment of competition. Learn more.

12 Most Unromantic Tips for Bringing Back the Romance
When you’ve lost that lovin’ feeling,(hey, it happens…), creative outside-the-box thinking may be in order. Check out these 12 very unromantic tips that will lead you right back to your partner’s heart, albeit via an indirect route.

Just for Fun!

12 Most You Go Girl Aspects About Princess Leia
Princess Leia rocks. She was adored by girls in the late 1970’s. And her character presents — even today — aspects that can inspire girls everywhere. 12 quotes with brief descriptions from her.

12 Most Uproarious Laugh Riot Tips
The title says it all. Read on…

The categories are endless – arts and entertainment, creativity, literature, health, inspiration, mentoring, networking… you name it, there’s probably a great 12 Most article to pump you up today. Skitter on over there.

But Beware: One visit to 12 Most is all it takes to become addicted to this one-of-a-kind resource center. Make it easy to keep up by subscribing to this blog using their RSS signup or subscribe to posts by email. Enjoy!

Debra Marrs teaches creative writing courses in memoir and personal essay. Her business writing workshops attract article, blog and ebook authors. Find her creativity and organization tips at YourWriteLife.com

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