TEDx Comes to Hoboken Moms

Garage signs. Setting up call centers. Medical websites. What do all these businesses have in common? They were started from home by mom entrepreneurs.

tedx-thumbnailNow is your chance to knock the socks off the world by showing them what you’ve got. Create a video with your phone and upload it to Youtube, or write a paragraph about your business that has changed the lives of people around you. No business is too small to make an impact – tell us all about yours here and win a ticket to the TedX Hoboken Women event on Thursday, December 5th!

Want to meet other mom entrepreneurs and find out what makes them tick? Join the Metro Moms on Thursday, December 5th from 10am to 8pm in Hoboken, NJ as we SPONSOR TedX Hoboken Women. Delicious – and healthy! – munchies will be on tap along with Carlo’s Bakery Cake, and live chamber music. Also? Listen to amazingly inspiring speakers including internationally renowned yoga teacher Seane Corn (@JerseyCorn). Speaker details are here, purchase tickets here.

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