Meet the Moms With 500,000 Fans – Halloween Expo 2013 #HGH13

On Saturday, October 19th, meet the moms who have transformed the digital landscape of New Jersey.

DanaTrentini Hypothyroid Mom – Dana Trentini (@HypothyroidMom)

  • Blog Description: Who knew that little butterfly-shaped thyroid gland at the base of our necks could affect our lives so completely? A blog for moms with hypothyroidism.
  • Metro Moms Hat Tip: Every single mom who meets Dana adores her. She is one of the kindest, smartest, most caring women you will ever meet, and it comes across in her writing. With 30,000 readers three months after her blog launched and 240,000 on her one year anniversary, Dana will teach you how to plan and launch your blog to make a splash.
SarahWalton Better Way Moms – Sarah Walton (@BetterWayMoms)

  • Blog Description: Huffington Post contributor. Public speaker. I talk about the woman behind the mom. Modern motherhood is a lot to handle. There’s gotta be a Better Way!
  • Metro Moms Hat Tip: Corporate refugee. Planner of dream trips to Italy. Sarah Walton launched her blog while managing a team of 15 as general manager of Mindspark, a leading app maker. Vivacious with a direct, calm gaze, Sarah is the consummate leader. Learn from Sarah how to leverage your professional experience to create a blog.
ClaudiaKrusch Trendy Latina – Claudia Krusch (@ckrusch)

  • Blog Description: Linguist, Teacher, Author, Content Creator, Mom, Fashionista, Dog Lover. Reviews and Giveaways. CEO of EasyLearn Languages.
  • Metro Moms Hat Tip: Nobody ever says no to Claudia. Give Claudia 30 seconds with a company decision maker and she will make an impact that leads to business. Learn from Claudia how to source potential clients and successfully pitch to them.
RitaCheng Yippy Momma – Rita Cheng (@yippymomma)

  • Blog Description: Mom, wife, sister, entrepreneur, geek, writer, crafter, photographer. Known 4 the best virtual hugs. Also tweet at @YippyBeBe @RitaPCheng @PuiPuiPhoto
  • Metro Moms Hat Tip: Rita is the most tech-savvy mom we know. From online stores to rescuing a hacked blog, Rita has all the answers at her fingertips and is very generous with her knowledge.

The Biz, Brands and Blogs panel begins at 3:15 pm on Saturday 10/19 at the 3rd Annual Healthy and Green Halloween expo from 2pm-5pm at 301 Garden Street in Hoboken, NJ. Admission is $5 per family with a maximum of six members, discounted parking is available. Advance VIP ticket holders will have the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the presentation. Click here for event schedule.

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