Parenting Product Pick: Swimming Goes Green

swimdiaperThe summer brings extended daylight, sprinklers and beach trips. Also? The surprise swimming pool poop. Instead of going through dozens of disposables, toss a reusable Kushies Swim Diaper in the swim bag. Pair with a rashguard top to keep your baby and budget swimming in style. $10.99 at Amazon.

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  1. Good pick… I think! Cloth diapers in general are a good way to reduce landfills waste while saving money and be a healthier option for your baby’s skin. Reusable swimming diapers are the same and during the summer, between waterpark, camp and possibly pool time, kids can be in or close to the water every day. This is a small investment that will pay back in no time, and you can pass it on to another child when done with it.
    You’ll also appreciate the end of these huge huge huge disposable diapers swollen with water (and cellulose, chemicals).
    An even cheaper option is to choose to reuse an older cloth diaper and keep it for swimming purposes only. An easy way to top the costly disposable madness!

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