The Metro Moms Help Grow Your Business From the Ground to the Stars

Have a great business idea but not sure about pricing? Thinking about heading back to work after staying home but need experience to beef up your resume? Want to get inspired by energetic entrepreneurs?

chocopain-thumbnailBounce ideas off the perfect target audience – moms of young children. With 50,000 people crammed into one square mile and the highest incomes in Hudson County, Hoboken, NJ is the perfect test market for products and retail offerings. According to PunchTab Chief Marketing Officer Angela Sanfilippo, “moms influence $2.4 trillion in spend every year. Everyone wants to engage this audience segment.”

With over 2,000 members in the Hoboken area testing and reporting back on products and classes to showcase at our biannual expos – attended by thousands – the Metro Moms have their finger on the pulse of the young parent market in the NY/NJ metro area. Led by social media award-winning CEO Kathy Zucker, the Metro Moms Network provides an on-the-spot focus group of local experts and parents to bounce ideas and get instant feedback – in a private, confidential setting. Come to a free catered networking hangout TONIGHT at 7pm at  Choc O Pain French Bakery at 157 First Street in Hoboken – who knows, you might meet the perfect partner and launch a multimillion dollar business from your living room.

Update, 5/16: Comment from attendee Amy Valent-Ribot, “A special thanks to Kate and the folks at Choc O Pain for a great night of delicious food and great advice!”

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