Taking Wall-E For a Walk

bricks4kidz-thumbnailThe Metro Dads like to tinker. With 50,000 people and businesses crammed into one square mile in Hoboken, NJ, they have taken to scanning the trash on walks home from the PATH train. The result? Home-made Linux computers built from discarded spare parts.

The constant tinkering means the Metro Moms are tearing our hair out trying to keep construction equipment out of the kitchen. Living in small urban spaces means we have no room for a dedicated workbench, but now there’s a solution to the space dilemma.

MakerBar is a brand new hackerspace equipped with “workbenches bustling with people, the metal shelves crammed with supplies, the cool (and costly) tools available for use, like a drill press and a 3-D printer,” as reported by the New York Times. Located steps from the Metro Moms headquarters at 38 Jackson Street in southwest Hoboken, MakerBar hosts Open Craft Nights every Friday that are free to the public, the schedule and RSVP information is here. Getting membership for for the dad in your life could be the perfect gift for both Mother’s AND Father’s Day. And who knows? Maybe your invention will get investor interest at NJ Tech Meetup and launch the next Microsoft.

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