Get Your Life Off the Floor

By Kathy Zucker

Kids generate a ton of paper. Every day brings a deluge of artwork, registration forms, penmanship exercises, and fundraising materials. Add in the daily postman haul and my dining room table get covered within hours after each shredding binge. And that’s before you even introduce business paperwork.

NeatDeskVPEnter the NeatDesk Desktop Scanner. Equipped with an Automatic Document Feeder (ADF), this baby can zip through piles of documents, receipts and business cards. Double sided forms present no challenge since the Neat is equipped with sensors to simultaneously read both the front and back of each page. Piles of paperwork literally melt away before the power of the Neat. Getting the paper into the computer is a breeze with the Neat. The challenges start once you try to make sense of all those files.

The Neat application contains a digital filing system that allows you to create folders and sort scanned documents. There is no drag and drop – to move a file between folders you need to select it and click the “Move” button in the upper righthand corner. Downloading and backing up can also be complicated. I usually save all my receipts as Adobe Acrobat .PDF documents that I then backup both on an external hard drive and in the cloud.

The Neat has a feature allowing you to create searchable PDFs, but I had trouble getting the application to generate any PDF files, let along searchable ones. The easy answer? Never export your files, and back them up using NeatCloud. Monthly plans start at $5.99.

The NeatDesk Desktop Scanner is available at for $369.

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I received a sample NeatDesk Desktop Scanner. Currently sold for $369 at Amazon, the NeatDesk is being used by the Metro Moms Network management team.

Kathy Zucker, accidental entrepreneur and mother of three young children, writes about juggling career and family in an urban setting. See what Kathy is up to at her blog and on Twitter @KathyZucker.

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