Carpe Diem – Golden Opportunity to Enter the Modeling Biz

fft-thumbnailVery few babies are accepted as models. Here is a golden opportunity to get your foot in the door with top modeling agency FunnyFace Today.

The Metro Moms have a longstanding relationship with FFT. One of only six agencies used by industry juggernaut Parents Magazine, FFT has placed models in print and film for over 40 years. The Metro Kids have modeled for Pampers, Volkswagen, Babytalk, Kiwi and Parents Magazines, Hanna Anderssen, Anne Geddes, Toys R Us and Target. They have also appeared on the Today Show.

The baby modeling industry is very small, with the overwhelming majority of work done in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, and Dallas. FFT receives hundreds of inquiries each day and accepts only a select few. Compensation starts at $100/hour and increases with age – youth models earn more than infants, and adults earn the most.

How to Get Started in Baby/Child Modeling

FunnyFace Today has reached out to the Metro Moms Network® to help fill a very important commission because they know we have huge readership among the parents of young children. This is your chance to get your child on the FFT books. If you have a baby boy of ANY ethnicity who is 26″-27″ tall, email with his dimensions.

Guide to measuring your baby (two people needed):

  • Height: Lie the baby on a piece of paper. While one person holds his knees down, make a mark by his heels and another at the top of his head. Lift baby up and measure the distance between marks.
  • Chest: One person stands the baby up and holds him by the waist. The other measures his chest circumference with a tape measure.
  • Waist & Hips: One person holds the baby under the arms. The other measures his waist and hip circumference with a tape measure.

The job is for clothing fitting and pays $100 per hour. It has the potential to be ongoing for repeat jobs.

Prospective models must be US citizens with social security numbers, the casting is on Friday 2/15 or Monday 2/18 and the photo shoot is on Wednesday 2/20.

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