The “DO IT NOW” Syndrome…

from Mistermomblog

When you ask your child to do something (“clear your plate, brush your teeth, take out the garbage”), chances are these tasks will not get done unless you make them stop what they’re doing and get to it immediately.

This is probably one of the most frustrating aspects of parenting for me, and I think a lot of other parents would agree.

Although it seems like an obvious point, do not under-estimate your kid’s stubbornness and your own fatigue-factor. Given my inexperience, I hadn’t even thought of the notion “stop and do what I’m asking right now…

We’ve all been worn down over time, and it certainly seems easier to do things yourself and avoid the constant show-down.  Heck, after doing it for 10 years like my wife did, I would probably be a doormat by now.  Sometimes, getting your kids to do simple tasks like clearing their plate after dinner becomes an exercise in torture.

Even if your kid has good intentions, they will inevitably forget to do whatever it was that you want them to do.

Just remember one word… NOW.

Mistermomblog started his alternate career in full-time parenting after twenty years in investment banking. He’s been a full-time caregiver of a ‘tween and a ‘teen for almost two years. Since his investment banking experience is completely useless in the field of parenting, he applies what he has learned from books, friends, family, and hard-learned experiences to share lessons, anecdotes, and sympathy to the invaluable moms and mr. moms as they prepare the next generation to enter society. Visit his Mister Mom Blog website, connect with him on Twitter or see his Facebook page.


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