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The Metro Moms refer to life as B.C. (Before Child) and A.C. (After Child). B.C., we were management consultants, marketing directors, systems and data analysts. A.C.? Night nurses, chauffeurs, cooks, tutors and triage workers.

As our kids get older, we have bits and pieces of free time to pursue the interests that we adore. A technology manager transformed into a fiction editor, a marketing director into a beverage startup partner, and a data analyst became a yoga instructor.

Over the last two years, the five Metro Moms have backed each other up during tough times. Grandparents have died, parents have broken hips, and spouses have been sent on last-minute international trips.We help each other figure out child care, income taxes, and business plans. We attend seminars together on parenting without struggles. Companies have contacted us to ask our advice on everything from playground design to inexpensive meeting spaces.

When we find an educational toy or laundry basket that we adore, we post a link in the Wednesday Parenting Product Picks. When we spot interesting upcoming events during outings with the kids, we take smartphone pictures and email them to the team for the Saturday Selections, published every Thursday.

The Metro Moms are there for each other and for you too. We would love to get to know you so we can keep an eye out for opportunities that fit what you are looking for in life and your career. Connect with us on Facebook, read expert tips, join us at our meetings on the second Friday of each month, rock out with us at the 10/27 Healthy & Green Halloween or get answers from professionals at a career boot camp. Our calendar is here and you can see work opportunities at our members-only forum.

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