4th of July – Picnic with Pinterest

The Metro Moms are preparing with Pinterest to take our kids to see the fireworks.  See how we plan to keep the kids occupied while covering the contingencies of a long wait.

With kids ages 0-8, that’s a lot of ground to cover.

  1. Stake your claim: The Hudson River waterfront gets super-crowded in advance of the 9pm Macy’s fireworks, so the Metro Moms head out around 5pm to secure our spots. Spread this picnic blanket to lounge in fleecy comfort with plenty of room for toddler naps.
  2. Light the night: Sparklers have gone the way of the dodo but these glowing star wands make a festive and patriotic substitute.
  3. Plan ahead: Mother Nature can be fickle; this handy windbreaker packs down small and saves the day when outings turn chilly or rainy.
  4. Keep bugs at bay: Ward off evening mosquitoes and keep your skin soft with insect repellant spray. Bonus UV protection in case the sun takes its sweet time setting.
  5. Refreshment = entertainment: Keep the kids busy loading kebab sticks with fruit for a delicious patriotic treat.
  6. Beat the crowds: Bathroom breaks are a bum necessity; this portable potty packs easily and can save you a long wait with a whining toddler. Don’t forget to pack extra plastic grocery bags to reload the potty; before each use line the bag with a diaper to make for easy cleanup.
  7. Spritz to stay fresh: With temperatures in the nineties, staying cool is a must. Mist your toddler with this travel sprayer to ward off heat stroke, and then spray your spouse.



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