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Biannual & Mini-Events

Hundreds of parents and kids come out to network and meet local businesses at the biannual Metro Mom Expo and Halloween party. This summer, we are bringing Mini-Events to the Hoboken area.
Enjoy an outdoor tea party with real china, linens and delicious treats for you and your child, or attend a workshop to learn how to make travel toys. See the latest Metro Moms Outings.

Looking for a weekend outing? See where the Metro Moms are headed with our Saturday Selections, published every Thursday.

Mom Consulting Network

More than 350 Hoboken-area parents get career inspiration online and in real life. Sign up for free membership to attend monthly meetings and access special members-only deals.


Start your week with business and end with leisure. With original articles like MetroCareers: How to Avoid a Resume Gap and Like Organic Produce? You’ll Like Purple Dragon,
learn how the Metro Moms navigate career and parenting. End your week with a relaxing cup of tea and Sunday short stories like Listening to the Chocolate.

With monthly news roundups and expert columns in topics ranging from parenting products to toddler story time, the Metro Moms bring businesses and advice that local parents have found incredibly helpful right to your smartphone. Visit us at www.MetroMoms.Net

Had a great experience with a product or service? Email us at We love to hear from you!

Happy Memorial Day!

— The Metro Moms Team

Free & Low-Cost Events

Friday 6/8, 11am-1pm
Consulting Network luncheon
Sky Club Fitness

Summer Saturdays, 10am-11:30am
Metro Moms Mini-Events
Traveling Teacup
Fun on the Run Bags

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All events include
catered refreshments.
Kids are welcome!
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