Kid News Roundup: Fat Kid = Gallbladder Surgery!?

April 2012

The child obesity epidemic has led to a huge increase in child gallbladder surgery and treatment-resistant diabetes. However, some kids are taking a non-surgical approach to healthy eating & weight loss. Probably a good idea since new health insurance calculations are leading to huge bills for insured families. Also? Moms should avoid fatty foods if they want thin daughters.

In education news, researchers have found that babies understand accounting. You can reinforce your toddler’s memories by telling stories about their experiences. If your kid attends private school, make sure you don’t lose your job or move.

When you take your kids to the playground, do NOT go down the slide with them. But be prepared to exercise your checkbook for your little athlete. Definitely invest in a good helmet. And wear long pants for hikes in the woods. Hmm, an indoor pillow fort is looking increasingly attractive. But get those girls outside!

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