Being a Mom Means Following Your Passion

By Kathy Zucker

No matter how much you prepare yourself for becoming a parent, it’s impossible to anticipate the tsunami of changes that wash over you as soon as the baby arrives.

mompreneurFrom small things like private bathroom time to large ones like going on vacation, every aspect of your life gets taken over by the needs of this new, small person. But sometimes a loss of control over your life can be..liberating.

In the 31 years before I became a mom, I lived my life on the straight and narrow. I studied hard to get good grades, worked in corporate jobs, and generally played by the rules. All those years of schooling feel like a ladder of achievement that I climbed unquestioningly.

When I became a mom, I fell off the ladder. Overwhelmed by the demands of my new existence, I quit my corporate job to stay home with my newborn daughter. At one stroke, I lost the key to my identity and also 60% of my family’s income.

After a while, I discovered that motherhood allows me to constantly reinvent myself. I went from being a healthcare marketing executive to being a healthcare marketing consultant, real estate and media adviser, newspaper writer, social media adept, beverage marketer, and now the CEO of a collaborative moms media company.

I am all of these things and yet I am none of them. No single item defines me. Depending on my free time and business vicissitudes, I increase and decrease my involvement in different areas. One client ramps down marketing activity during the summer, when many metro families are traveling. Another kicks into high gear because the summer is an ideal time to hand out free samples of chilled beverage.

It’s all a balancing act. But the beauty of constantly changing my focus means that my work stays interesting. And living in a densely populated urban environment means I encounter new business opportunities every day. I talk to people because I find them interesting, and they often tell me they are looking for help or a career change. That is why I founded the Moms Consulting Network; to have a virtual rolodex of professionals who can connect with each other to source new opportunities that often turn out to be part-time & flexible; perfect fits for parents.

Stay-at-home moms, work-at-home moms, full-time working moms, and part-time working moms. The one thing we all have in common? The desire to spend quality time developing both our careers and families without shortchanging one of them.

Kathy Zucker, serial entrepreneur and mother of two toddlers, writes about juggling career and family in an urban setting. See what Kathy is up to at her blog and on Twitter.

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