Moshing with the Fuzzy Lemons and the Toddler Set

By Kathy Zucker

Eight months out of the year I love living in a city. The long lawns of Pier A by the Hoboken waterfront become my substitute living room, with the kids partaking in city-run arts and crafts classes on weekdays and fun fairs on weekends.

With the exception of a random Halloween snowstorm, this fall and early winter have been remarkably mild, allowing us to make frequent trips to the playground after school and on weekends. But in the last couple of weeks, winter has closed in with a vengeance, with temperatures dropping into the 20s Fahrenheit and the arrival of our first major snowstorm of the season. There are only so many arts and crafts activities I can do with the kids before we all start going stir-crazy, so I start looking for fun indoor outings in huge, child-friendly spaces. The Fuzzy Lemons benefit concert for True Mentors at 301 Garden Street in Hoboken (home of the Metro Moms Expo!) was the perfect way to liven up a dank city Sunday and introduce my kids to their first rock concert.

My five year old daughter was in a frenzy of excitement when we told her we were going to a concert; she is a huge fan of Wii Rock Band and Lego Rock Band, rocking out to Bon Jovi with her own pink-haired avatar. After playing with her father for months, she was prepped for loud music and a mosh pit before we set foot in the gym crowded with toddlers rocking out.

Her three year old brother was a reluctant concert-goer, spending most of the time outside on the lobby steps because the noise and crowds scared him. What can I say, I’ve got an adventurous, athletic girl and a quiet, reserved little boy. NOT what I expected when I became a parent, but who ever said parenting was predictable?

The concert started out like a typical child class, complete with multicolored parachutes and inflatable balls, before the musicians moved into playing fun, child-oriented music. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but this was a full musical production, complete with a drummer stall, speakers everywhere and sound engineer.

After the first hour, the band moved onto playing covers of eighties hits and encouraged everyone to get up on stage and rock out. My five year old was up there launching jumping jacks that took her completely off the ground; we had to bribe her out of there with the promise of cupcakes at Sweet Bakery down the street.

Both kids were so exhausted after their sweet treats that they fell asleep during the brief car ride back to the west side of Hoboken. Bath and bedtime were a breeze, so it was a great way for both parents and children to spend a winter Sunday. Only another two months before spring!

Want to share the Fuzzy Lemons experience with your family? Visit for their 2012 schedule, in locations ranging from Philadelphia to East Hampton. You can also bring the Fuzzy Lemons to jazz up your child’s birthday party.

Kathy Zucker, serial entrepreneur and mother of two toddlers, writes about juggling career and family in an urban setting. See what Kathy is up to at her blog and on Twitter.

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