Kid News Roundup for October 2011

news roundup

  • Too Much Praise is No Good For Toddlers. New York Times, 10/27/11.
    A Stanford study found that process (ie. good job!) trumped praise (you’re so smart!) when raising toddlers ages 14-38 months, with the process kids getting better test results at ages 7 and 8.
  • Childproofing: Crawling Your Way to Safety. New York Times, 10/26/11.
    Thrilled about that new flat-screen TV in your bedroom? It’s a hazard for your baby. Also? Those plastic electrical outlet protectors are parent-proof too.
  • An Update on Holiday Air Travel. New York Times, 10/26/11.
    Expect new travel rules this holiday season. Upside: kids under 12 no longer have to remove shoes to go through security.  Downside: No more discounts for prepaying checked bags.
  • Private Schools in Suburbs Tap Manhattan Market. New York Times, 10/21/11.
    If the schools in your town have become too expensive and competitive, you might want to check out private schools in the town next door. Or across the river.
  • Hearing Bilingual: How Babies Sort Out Language. New York Times, 10/10/11.
    The brain develops differently in bilingual versus monolingual babies. But you’ve got to start early because the effect fades after babies are 12 months old.

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