How to Get Started in Baby/Child Modeling

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Adding to the college fund

If you have a child ages 0-18 months or 3+ years, keep reading.

Those are the ages that get modeling work. The terrible twos set in at 18 months; who can blame photographers for not wanting to work with an age group renowned for its tantrums?

Here are some general tips on what photographers look for:

  • Very easygoing temperaments. if you’ve got a baby who wakes up smiling from her nap, that’s your perfect baby modeling personality.
  • Small kids. if your child wears his age in clothing size or smaller, and also looks young, that means he can be cast at his age or younger. Physical development is HUGE at this stage of the game; photographers want to work with kids who can follow directions and are generally easier to deal with.
  • Classic good looks. This is a tough one to quantify, but think Gerber baby. Chubby cheeks, big eyes and generally appealing. There is a market for exotic-looking models, particularly multi-ethnic ones, but it’s a smaller category so there is less work to go around.
Reality checks:
  • Getting started in the modeling industry takes a lot of time. Open casting calls, last-minute go-sees, this can be a full-time job for a parent. And considering your child only gets paid IF she gets booked, that can often mean two trips; twice the travel expenses.
  • Don’t expect to get rich. Models starting out in the industry typically do editorial spreads for magazines (e.g. not promoting a specific product), which pay about $100/hour for two hours. After the agency takes their cut, you get a check for $120. The real money? In bonuses.
  • Finding your baby’s picture is like the world’s most annoying scavenger hunt. Do NOT expect to get notified where and when your child’s picture gets used. Also? Photographers typically double- or triple-book shoots since they can’t be sure a child will behave; your kid’s picture may not get used.
The good news:
  • Living in an urban area like Hoboken is like hitting the location jackpot for baby modeling. Most casting calls and shoots take place on the lower west side of Manhattan (easy access via the Lincoln and Holland Tunnels) or at the Toys R Us studios located right up the hill in Union City.
  • IF your baby makes it big, then the next step is film (ie. commercials and movies). That is where the real money is. Twins have a huge advantage. Typically most agencies are given one slot to fill for a commercial, so your kid would have to be ranked #1 in the agency for her age, ethnicity and size to be given the coveted spot.
  • Pay rates increase as your child gets older, doubling after age 5 and tripling when they reach adolescence.

Still interested in pursuing a modeling career? Parents Magazine has a great listing of reputable baby modeling agencies. The Metro Moms Network also has a direct line to one of the top US child modeling agencies; FunnyFace Today! From now until December 15, 2011, entry form at

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  1. I have a 4months old son name Kajmil Bivens and I would like to find a baby model agent for him. I want him to be a model. Doing commercial, magazine, fashion in clothing and any other.

  2. I have a 2 years old baby name Nandini and I would like to find a baby model agent for her, I want him to be a model, Doing commercial, magazine, T.V. advertizing, fashion in clothing and any other.

  3. I’m from Missouri and I was interested in baby modeling for my 3 month old daughter DaRhya

  4. I have a six and a half month old daughter that I would like to get into modeling. I’m from Rhode Island and my child’s name is Julianna.

  5. I have a one year old and i would love to put him in modeling . Right when he wakes up he brights up the room with the biggest smile.

  6. i have 11 months old i would like put him in modeling or baby food or baby Pampers his name adam and his hansome

  7. I have an 19month old name London. She is so bright full of energy and spirit. She loves to dance and make people laugh. Every person we pass by in public, she speaks and says hello to all. I would love see her model and with an Agent.

  8. hi i have 5 months old baby name is ashiket im interested in modeling plz give me a chance thnx

  9. Hsolo i have a six month old baby…and i get told he needs to do baby modeling…he is the perfect baby ever morning he wakes up with a smile and remington loves pictures..thank you for your time.

  10. hello i have a 10 month old baby girl with big beautiful blue eyes a smile that will make u fall in love with her. her name is Sophia Rose she will be a a great model she when she smiles her eyes glow she also smiles with her eyes please let my baby model for you thanks

  11. I have a 6 month old son named William Funk, He’s such a happy baby and I think he would do great as a model. I travel to hoboken everyday.

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  13. I have a seven month old baby who is 11 lbs size 0-3 months. Beautiful hazel eyes and big chubby cheeks. I would love to get her into modeling!:)

  14. Hi I have a 10month old babyboy happy go lucky baby loves the camera very easy going I am looking for a modelling agency.

  15. 1 year old ready to go!!!!

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  17. 7 month baby is a girl very happy, pretty grey eyes blonde haier

  18. i have a baby of 2 years he is so cute & very fair & brown eyes and brown hair i am searching a modelling agency

  19. I have a beautiful baby boy – age 21 months – blonde hair with big blue sparkly eyes. Loves the camera, says cheese, and ready to go.

  20. How can I get my baby girl started in

  21. I can’t take my 6 month old baby boy Isaiah anywhere without getting compliments, he is so sweet and adorable! He belongs on the cover of a magazine!!!!

  22. Great article, & accurate. I am a mother of twins and I am also an experienced, working print model. Here’s my advice on getting your child into modeling. Hope it helps. Follow me on twitter for more advice. Good luck.

    • Metro Moms Staff

      Thanks for sharing the great article, glad to hear baby modeling is expanding outside the major metropolitan areas!

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  24. I have a two year old little girl name Anysha and a three year old little boy name Nuroyea and I would like to get them in modeling acting. They both r good listeners and very talented. You would not be disappointed they are very cute babies and a good size for modeling. I would greatly appreciate it if u can help me find an agency for them.

  25. I have a precious 5 month old little girl. She is a happy and good baby. With big bright eyes that will make you melt. Her pictures are priceless. And she think she can talk.

  26. Hi i have a 9month old lil girl absaloutly loves taking pic smiles every time she see a phone i have her photos done often and she does amazing she has the cuttiest chubby cheeks every and a head full of black hair please help me find a agency for her

  27. I have a 10month baby girl that’s about to be 1 in may i Wut love her to be in modeling

  28. Boy
    Light Skinned
    5 months 1/2
    22 pounds
    22 inches
    Easy going
    Always smiling
    call (951)210-3899
    Located in Los Angeles,CA

  29. My granddaughter is a very happy baby always smiling . She has big brown eyes straight black hair , she just adorable .

  30. I have a 6 month old and she is the cuttiest thing ever I want someone to help me get started. Don’t know how to do all this stuff. I think she would do great at this. So if anyone would like to help please do so. Thank you so much.

  31. Everywhere I go, baby ambrielle is noticed by people we don’t even know. Not just two or three people, its to the point we cant get things done. It almost like she’s already famous with out the fame. So as her mother I would love to find ambrielle an agent that would show the same love

  32. my 3 years old daughter aishu is a cute little dolly very photogenic,fair,with chubby cheeks always smiling before camera interested in modelling

  33. 5 month old baby boy
    Light skinned blue/green eyes
    Chubby and very cheerful

  34. I have a 14 month old son who has a beautiful smile he laughs and smiles for anything and very photogentic I would love to find a good agency for him

  35. Hi everyone,
    If you’re interested in getting your child into modeling then you can follow my blog and read about it here:

    This is the first blog post in a series I’ll do about getting your child into modeling.

  36. Hello, I Have A 5 week old Named Harmony. She’s a really good baby, chunky checks and big beautiful eyes I want her to model for anything magazines, diapers, commercials, clothing and any other. I’m looking for an agent. If you want or need anymore information email me

  37. I have a 2 year old son. Big smile, blonde hair, blue eyes and dimples. I’d like to get him into child modeling.

  38. I have a 6 month old son that smiles on command and is so cute and cheeky! Everyone I meet tells me to put him in modeling including the lady who took his pictures last week because he made he job so easy and got the best pictures. I do not know how to go about doing this and avoiding the whole voting contest stuff because I work full time and do not have time to keep up with social media about that. Peopel say I need to find an agent, Suggestions?

  39. No matter where we go someone always points out how cute my daughter Megan is and we have been told countless times that she should be on television! I would love to pursue a career for my daughter in the modeling field.

  40. I have a 7 Months old baby name sahanj tariq and I would like to find a baby model agent for him, I want him to be a model, Doing commercial, magazine, T.V. advertizing, fashion in clothing and any other.

  41. I have a 5 month old. so cute and chubby. He is the best baby ever and always wakes up happy. He is long, olive skin and handson. Everyone loves him and he should ne on tv

  42. my baby is nine months 18lbs and is already trying to walk she can say atleast 34 words and pretends to talk on the phone with her father at times she tumbles and toddles all the time plus she she has brown hair big brown eyes and hr ears are pierced she was in december on the 7th which is a very significant date “pearl harbor”

  43. Peyton Paige Marie
    6lbs 8oz 20in
    12 days old
    Some hair
    smiles and very beautiful eyes

  44. My baby girl Miley Jaye turned 5 months old today and she should definitely be a baby model!

  45. Omg my daughter Aubree is 4 months and she fits all of that to a T !! She always.happy even when she wakes up. She is way smaller she still wears newborn sizes sometimes 3 month size. Andddddd she is mixed interracial with chunky cheeks and big blue eyes.. Everybody says she looks like a doll ! Really want to get her.into baby modeling message me at [email protected] if you are intrested to see her!!!! :-)

  46. i have a 4monthold daughter, wakes up smiling, goes to sleep smileing, curly black hair, big brown eyes, ear to ear smile, giggly, biracial, just an all around happy baby.!

  47. hi i would like to get my kids in to modeling but do i have to pay for it and where abouts in sheffield can i go

  48. My sweet little biracial sweetheart just lights up any picture. When Chiko giggles, your heart will practically melt. Chiko has darling gray eyes, olive skin, and wonderful wavy red hair. I feel that my bubbly boy would be the perfect candidate for child modeling.

  49. My son Samuel, is 10months old. He is happy all the time. Everywhere we go people say he looks like a gerber baby. :)
    We are in Portland, Or. Looking to do some baby modeling.

  50. We have a baby 1 yr & 5 months old. very cute, attractive with curly hairs and always smiling face. i want to know any agent for modeling tv serials, magazine, commercials adds., etc. etc. pl help me so that i can move ahead.

  51. I have a daughter that’s 1 year old. She is very cute, loves taking pictures, smiles a lot. She isn’t bad she doesn’t get cranky unless she is tired. I want to know if there is any agents for modeling for her magazines, commercials etc. Please can you let us know so we can move forward. Thank you and have a blessed day.

    Shauntiana Branson

  52. I have 3 year old twins (one boy, one girl) Can anyone give me advice on Agencies in the the Houston Texas area please?

  53. I have a beautiful sixteenth month old boy. He has sandy brown curly hair and blue/grey eyes. Very outgoing personality. Always smiling and in general a happy baby. I would love to get him in some kind of modeling.

  54. My name is Ashley pendry. I am the mother of a beautiful baby boy named Liam born feb 12/2013. I believe my son has model potential he is handsome and is an excellent and easy baby. I have had a lot of woman tell me how lucky I am and that I should look into putting him into modeling because of his easy temperament and calmness and his just chill and relaxed way about him, after some research I have decided that I am comfortable with it so I am looking for any help in getting him started. I am in the Maryland area. Please email me with any info you can help and/or give me. Thank you.

  55. I have a 7 Months old baby name Khush Kapur and I would like to find a baby model agent for him, I want him to be a model, Doing commercial, magazine, T.V. advertising, fashion in clothing and any other.

  56. I have a 3day old daughter named Amber and I would love to get her into modeling

  57. Hi,

    My 4 month old nephew is very cute. I would like to know, if we can send his pictures for some commercials, baby food pictures or for any clothing line. please let me know whom to contact for such assignments.

  58. We have a VERY cute half Korean half Caucasian daughter named Rebecca born December 2013 and we are interested in how she would be able to do some baby modeling for magazines, tv, movies, etc. Please let us know! Thank you!

    From Rebecca’s proud parents,
    Jennie Choe & Joe Gordon

  59. juven jupiter desir
    love to play with poeple
    have a lot of hair

  60. My baby 11 month only .

  61. Hello, my name is Angela and i have a 14month old little girl names Emma Grace who is absolutely gorgeous. not only is she beautiful but she has an amazing happy perfect little personality. i am interested in getting her into some modeling because it would be a waste for the world not to see her beautiful face. please contact me if interested.

  62. hello i have a 8 year old girl that i will love to see her do modeling

  63. I have a 18 month old son you is a very smart and happy baby. He is a well behaved child loves smiling and being around other kids , and gets along with them well. Also he loves to dance and a lot of people in our area say they think he is a commercial baby. He is a mixed child African American and white with a reddish brown hair color and big gorgeous eyes. Help me to get him in a modeling company I’m not in for money but the enjoyment of my sons life and how happy of a baby he is. I’m free to calls or emails if some is looking to get a great child out there

  64. My Son is the most handsome boy I’ve ever see his name is Sifiso I would like him to be put in ads that will make him smile because he has a golden smile just like his father I would love everyone to see his beautiful smile can you please call me if you want to use him or use my e-mail I will be very honoured thanks

  65. i have 1 year old cute son and i want him to be a model commercial magazine and etc

  66. Have a beautiful 3 month old son and I’m interested in modeling for ads, magazine, or commercials. He loves the camera.

  67. I have a 4 month old going on 5 baby girl. Light skin, dark black hair, chubby cheecks, with a beautiful smile. Always smiling always happy and always eveeyones attraction. I am interested in anything w modeling. I have taken her few times for photoshoots at my local photo studio and she does amazing, she is on several of their walls as samples

  68. Hello, my name is Monika and i have a 8month old little girl names kanishka (kittu) who is absolutely gorgeous. not only is she beautiful but she has an amazing happy perfect little personality. i am interested in getting her into some modeling because it would be a waste for the world not to see her beautiful face. please contact me if interested.

  69. Hi I have 2 month a baby boy. He is a healthy baby . If you have give a chance for any type of advertising for baby. It’s a great for us to watch him in advertising.

  70. I have a five month baby he’s very cheerful and funny I love to get him started and modling and acting

  71. i have a baby of 3 years She is so pretty & very fair & brown eyes and black hair i am searching a modelling agency.thank you in advance

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